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I'm a father of two, husband of one, brother of three and friend to many.

I am dealing with a second dose of renal cell carcinoma—the rat bastard came back—and I started this blog a little bit for me and a little bit for you.

The bit for me is to give me a place to share all of the good, some of the bad and maybe even a tiny bit of the ugly. I think that will make me feel better. And well, having a blog is a practical and efficient way of answering questions and sharing updates as my family and I wade through this unwanted adventure.  

The bit for you is, I hope, information and maybe even a little inspiration that may come in handy if you or someone you love has to deal with their own rat bastard.  

After all, if you’ve been told you’ve only got a year or two left, who’s got time to screw around? I’m thinking I’ll share some hacks and tell you about any shortcuts I figure out so you can get straight to the medical marijuana.

Love Jim.

Addendum: A couple of years after writing this About page I had a change of heart. It’s no longer a rat bastard, it’s more like a noisy mouse living in my noisy house.