What is renal cell carcinoma?    Basically it's kidney cancer. If you are my Oncologist and are reading this feel free to add more!

How do they treat it?     The first time I was diagnosed, they removed my kidney (you only need one). But this time the cancer that originated in my kidney has shown up in my lungs, pancreas, abdomen, peritoneal cavity and on the capsule of the liver. It’s an aggressive SOB that has taken me on a journey of five different chemo and immunotherapy treatments. The chemo is relentless and kills cells. Good cells and bad cells but hopefully more bad than good. The immunotherapy drugs I’ve taken basically supercharge my immune system to fight the cancer cells—and oddly, turn my beard silver.  There are other side effects, but they are gross, so no need to share.

Can you still drink beer?   Sometimes. Depends on which treatment I am on, and sadly one one set of treatments my tastebuds changed and beers didn’t taste so good those days...oh, the irony.

How is everybody doing?  We’re doing OK, thanks for asking. I have a pretty stupendous family and some pretty great friends..

What can I do to help?  Send us nice thoughts and buy the person in line behind you a coffee or if you’re at the bar, maybe a Village Blonde. Mom would be proud.

Can I bring you a nice lasagna or maybe some meatballs?    It’s not at all necessary, but we aren’t going to say no to lovely home cooked food. We do have a teenage boy after all. Please make sure to put your name on the dish so we can return it to you. Tracey will really want to make sure you get your pan back.  Or, use one of those foil containers. We promise we’ll recycle it.

 Is Dave Kelly like that all the time?   Yes. Yes he is. And they say there is no cure for that either.