The real bucket list

At the last Dave Kelly Live show I was given the opportunity to fulfill one of my bucket list items. I was finally able to sing a-cappella on stage in front of 500 people with the Heebee Jeebees.

Umm, cue sound of record scratching, pan to Jim making a 'stop right there' face whilst shaking head back and forth.

That was not my list. This is a list fabricated by Dave Kelly in the absence of me providing the legit list*. Kinda like the furor over birth certificates and tax forms taking place south of the 49th. 

So with that I would like to provide the bucket list my brother Pat and I put together back in 2001. 

To be honest I feel really good about what I have accomplished, and I still aim to knock off the rest of the list. 

I have rafted tons, just need to get to Nahanni. I've been to gold medal matches in Soccer at the Olympics, I have cat-skied twice, and got to take a month off with the family in Australia this past winter. So, I'm close on many but am vigilantly pursuing the rest.

As for Pat, well, his number 7 is going to be his toughest.

And as for Dave Kelly, well, maybe he should come rafting with me. I'll take good care of him.

* "In my defence," says Dave,  "I was sure this was Jim's dream. Or at least my dream of Jim. Or my dream after drinking beer with Jim." 

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