FTW. A friendly moonwalk.

Man, this journey is a tricky one. I thought for sure, and maybe my hopes were too high, that two weeks on, one week off of Sutent was going to be a breeze. I wouldn't have a high dose of toxicity after the second week and then a nice calming week would follow before getting back on the horse. 

I was duped.

The last day on the immunotherapy was Wednesday, so I naturally assumed that by Friday morning things would be way better. Well, they weren't. As a matter of fact it felt like I had jumped right in to week three, even the end of it perhaps? My muscles were sore, I still had a headache and I don't need to get to the issues with undercarriage (my new term). I got up Friday for an 8:30 meeting but alas I couldn't get myself out of the house, so instead I called in to the meeting. I was able to make it to the lunch meeting however and then I decided to shift gears. 

It's only at these times that the idea that I have cancer enter my mind.

I needed to change that.

Today was now an FTW day (F$&! the World Day). It's a term Tracey coined and I was going to follow. I instead went for a two hour walk down by the river with my good pals Avnish and Jennifer. The fresh air, the trees and river and conversation were exactly what was needed to pull me out of my funk.

And it worked. 

And it prepared me for the madness of Dave "the bully" Kelly and DKL9.

This show was so meaningful. From the artwork of my favourite artist Mandy Stobo, to Dave's stories of home to seeing selfless kids that trick or treat for the foodbank or to Tom Jackson's immense love for all of humanity. The audience was full of so many friends that it had the feeling of being in someone's living room with Dave and I riffing off some fun and games.

The show was such a great vehicle to fill my heart with love and happiness. 

Now I say all that with kindness towards Dave and his team, cause as usual I was the brunt of many jokes again. First I had to wear a costume out of Dave Pierce's private collection...a monkey suit that barely managed to contain my junk. And again I had my bucket list absconded and replaced with Dave's personal list of ridicule. Last time I had to sing in front of the crowd (my number one fear by the way), this time I had to dance. Fortunately it was only a moonwalk and luckily the dancers made me feel just like Michael Jackson's monkey Bubbles.

But through it all I was laughing so very hard. And so very happy. Sore undercarriage and all. The cancer was gone again. 

Thanks friends.

All in all, the thing that consistently makes this world awesome is love. Love and friendship. Love, friendship, a live banana, a monkey suit and the moonwalk.

That's all anyone ever needs. 

And a beer afterwards with Maity and Fauth.

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