Need a control group!

I feel like this program of two weeks on and one week off is actually very manageable. I say that with a big *asterisk though as I am in a lot of pain right now. 

And I felt like crap during the last week of therapy on the last set as well, and it took me four days of my drug holiday to start feeling better.

So there you have it. I felt crappy on both sets, and yet I am saying it is totally manageable and I feel like this is the solution forward. Well as long as the CT scan tomorrow comes back with good results.

No, the drugs haven't taken a hold of me again. Let me explain.

On the last set I had a terrible cold and it totally messed with my whole system. I felt super terrible and wasn't very happy. Expecially (Tara that's for you) when I didn't feel better during most of my drug holiday.

And tonight, as I sit here typing I have very significant nerve pain radiating from my neck all down my right arm. 

But it's my own fault as I was feeling overly ambitious (reminder of last time I was playing again against myself) and tried playing badminton against Tom Mawhinney last Thursday. I hurt my neck, pinched a nerve and have spent the last four days in baths, at the physiotherapist and I even bought myself a traction machine. I've been walking all weekend to floss my nerves, I've been avoiding sitting till now and am stopping extremely soon.

So ya, I think I feel good from the Sunitinib, but I can't seem to get a baseline to measure one session against another as I keep concocting new issues.

I need a control group to help me measure one session to the next. Methinks me first step is to control myself when I'm on those drug holidays. 


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