I'm stable. They aren't.

So I go to my Tom Baker meeting with the oncologist expecting the usual process of trying to find that damn yellow line, sitting in the waiting room, being weighed, taking blood pressure and chatting with Dr. R. about my results and next steps.

I'm not going to lie, this meeting was a bit scary as it was the one where I was going to find out if the therapy was working. It was an unspoken conversation between Tracey and I as we drove to the meeting. Actually, Tracey seemed a bit edgy and was making sure we were on time, or in the usual Seagram schedule, early.

When I walked around the corner I realized why she was focused on the timing...these 6 extraordinary gentlemen were sitting in the waiting room reading vintage men's magazines and giggling.  It was an incredible surprise and yet another example of me feeling overwhelmed by the awesomeness of friends and family during this process. Really, who goes in to a hospital unless they have to. I think the magazines helped. (oh and for the record, I guess they asked Tracey what they should bring and she suggested magazines for the waiting room as they were pretty sparse...she probably should have been more prescriptive with these guys).

Perv row has new meaning.

After many laughs the door opened and Tracey and I went in to the meeting. The news was as good as we could have hoped for. The chest there were no new metastizes, and a slight reduction in size of some of the existing ones. Suspected tumours in adrenal gland and liver have now been ruled out. Tumour in the pancreas has seen a reduction in size and the exterior of the tumour shows that the tumour cells are no longer healthy. No new sites found anywhere else. My thyroid isn't happy so I have some new pills to add to the portfolio (aaargh).

Regardless, I am stable for the first time.

We high fived. It was a good moment. We opened the door and Dr. R shared it with the team. More high fives, hugs all around. It was an incredible moment made better together.

Dr. R and his posse of fine gentlemen.

Then I took the lads out for breakfast while Tracey unfortunately had to head off to work. She was happy to see me sharing time with these awesome boys.

Man, she is awesome. 

All is awesome.





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