Pazopanib or Sunitinib

The Oncologist has given me a decision to make - which immunotherapy drug I am going to take in order to reduce the cancer in my lungs.

Oh, maybe I should tell you what immunotherapy is first. Instead of chemotherapy or radiation I am going to be using a cancer treatment designed to boost my body's own natural defences to fight the cancer.  From what I gather one thing it does is cuts off the blood supply to the cancer cells which reduces their ability to grow. But to be honest I haven't dug too deep in to the details on what it does, instead I'm looking at the side effects. And they ain't pretty from what I can see.

The two drugs are Pazopanib and Sunitinib.

Both are supposed to have the same efficacy so the conversation is really about which side effects are going to be less intrusive. No need to go into detail, you can click the links if you would like...

I'm choosing Pazopanib. We'll see how this goes.

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