Drug Holiday

Went in for my bi-weekly meeting with one of my oncologist team members a few days ago. I was coming off of a very trying week and wasn't enjoying the side effects of the Pazopanib. So when Dr. P said we should pull off of the treatment for a couple of weeks I wasn't going to complain.

Actually I was quite relieved.  

I was coming in to this meeting with the possibility of saying to Dr. P  "If this is how I am going to feel forever, then it's just not for me". "This isn't living, this is just staying alive."

Fortunately within 24 hours of being off the drug I was feeling fricken awesome. I probably felt better than everyone around me as I had new found energy, the flowers were brighter, the air smelt better, the clouds were gone...and I'm not kidding. I didn't realize how much of a zombie I was. But now I knew. And now I felt great.

SO, when I go back in for my meeting on July 6th I am going in with renewed optimism. If I understand and remember that I can get access to drug holidays, I can easily do 6 week stints standing on my head and feel good doing it.

I'm lucky.

Night and Day

Week Six