I am Gandalf. Again.


When I was in Grade 7 I joined the Tolkien club, well, not so much a club but more like a group of five guys that geek out about things like dwarves, elves and orcs in lands far away. We each chose a character and would write war plans in elven script. While it was really fun, it was a bit weird and we knew we would be beat up if people found out, so we eventually disbanded.  My character was Gandalf and I would often talk with my hand stroking my wise wizard beard. Who knew that 40 years later I would become Gandalf again. My hair has turned white...

On Monday I shaved my neck and the hair was black. On Wednesday it had all turned to white. I made the switch from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White in a short three day period.

I predict my full head of hair will be silver by the end of the summer!!

I'm wise now. Ask me anything.

Week Six

Really Big Fish