Be your best best

My Lily Pullitzer Dipper.

My Lily Pullitzer Dipper.

All you can do is be your best. Every day.

I am truly grateful for all the love, compassion and effort put for by my best friend and wife Tracey. The last two years have been an interesting journey and all along the way Tracey has been there guiding and supporting me. She is a relentless advocate, coach and sometimes nurse.

After the first surgery she was very strong and helped me get through the day-to-day challenges. But this second phase is much more protracted and a much deeper more challenging ordeal, physically, and even more so mentally. I am very lucky to have her walking alongside, actually, walking ahead of me. She’s not much of a follower and has a tendency to walk ahead blazing the trail. And during this phase it is much appreciated.

 As I deal with this rat bastard out here in Muskoka I am finding myself with much more time to think. One of my thousands of observations, many of them new oddly enough, is that we lose perspective on what is really important. This can be applied to many things of course, but in this observation I am thinking about relationships. 

 Remember when you were first dating. I think this is your best relational self.  You are kind, considerate, you try hard to put your best foot forward, you buy flowers, you open doors, you listen more than you talk. You are doing your best to win the heart of the one sitting across the canoe from you.

I suggest we all remember this person and strive to be more like the dating you vs the busy, stressed, grumpy partner that life tries to corner you in to being.  It’s actually not that hard, just takes a second to reframe your mind and voila you have a spark.

Thanks Sweetie. You are the best!

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