Memory of the day

My parents best legacy will be that they raised four sons that understand the full value of family. Granted all four of us are very different, yet we all seem to have some similar characteristics. We love to play games (sports, cards and mind games) and we take care of family and each other. 

Today's post is the story of how my younger brother Pat has been using past memories to keep me energized, and it's working.

We have been through a billion adventures, the majority of them hilarious most of them dangerous, But through it all we have stuck together and have each others back. I love him dearly and he is without a doubt the most compassionate man I know. 

Here are but a few of the memories...if you are curious to know how they started or ended just let me know and I will be happy to tell you how Pat screwed up.

Thank you Pat for your ongoing support and for being there for me for 50 years. Oh, and I'm happy I was not successful on this mission from 40 years ago.

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