I'm a big tool.

August 30th flew by and while this blog didn't show it, we did celebrate our 19th Wedding anniversary with a nice dinner with family and a few Muskokan friends.

Oh, and for proof that I haven't lost my sense of humour, this is the card I gave Tracey. 

Tracey I love you more than anything and I thank you for all your love, support, friendship and laughs. Mostly the laughs. 

I look forward to another 19.

Thank you to my pal 1-2-3 Tom Stevens for taking the naked photo.

PS yes, Tracey asked for a chainsaw as a birthday gift. She's a little odd and I didn't think it was fitting of a birthday present...chainsaws are more like anniversary gifts. AmIright?

1-2-3 Tom

Sutent starts today