Drug holiday is over

Man, you go on a 3 week drug holiday only to return to exploding ass. Maybe it was a one time scenario, but spent a bit of time on the throne last night. It's obvious that my pal sunitinib is enjoying his 1 week visit as he has my fingers, tongue and junk a bit itchy today. 

Fortunately I know the drill now and am going to get ahead of things.

As for the exploding ass, well that is probably easy to solve as well...just stop the super high fibre diet I was on.

It's kinda like a chess match with a pill. He, hmm, or is it she, that's odd, I normally match things to a character and I haven't with sunitinib yet. Wonder what that means...

Oh, sorry, went on a stream of consciousness again. 

What was I saying.

Never mind. Have a nice day. I know I will.

Do I say anything?

The giving season