Is it the age?

Not sure if it's my age, 53 btw, or if it's the new circle I have found myself in, but I feel like I go to a lot more memorial services these days.

I'm sure it's the age, but my last five funerals were for people that succumbed to cancer so I am feeling like it's a bit lopsided. 

Watched Courage: the Gord Downie Tribute documentary last night and was certainly a bit verklempt as a result. Today I had two memorial services to attend, both people were the stars of the service as a result of their own cancer story. 

Always a great reminder when you go to a service, or watch something like the documentary as you are yet again reminded to live today to it's fullest. Share it with those you love, do the things that make you happy. Do those little things that make those around you happy.

Just take the time to be present. It's a great place.


Loved the lessons David Crosson's parents gave him as he grew up. I'm going to add them to my Mom's list - although I have certain doubt that the third one may be best left behind at this point.

  • Be Brave
  • Play with the cards you were Dealt.
  • Don't be Stupid.

I'm going to the YYCComedy Festival gala tonight with Tracey and some old friends. I believe I could use a laugh or two.

Growing old