True Love

This Valentines day I built an incredible memory with five dads and five sons. Super awesome indeed.

Sadly, the trip had us leaving on Valentines day so I wasn't able to show my love for Tracey in person, and she deserves to hear it way more than she does. She's awesome.

The other thing I was sad about was missing Dave Kelly Live for the first time. But through creative thinking I was able to pt something together to help Dave out and more importantly to show Tracey how much I loved her.

Of course my original intent was to mess with Dave by having Bret Hart as my replacement without telling Dave I wasn't showing up. I was hoping he would try to put Bret in an elf costume or a dress or something, but alas it looks like he discovered my plan.

Have a look at the show. Below is the love letter read to Tracey (in code of course):

Watch Dave Kelly Live clip


Tracey, I love you and want you to know how much I appreciate all you are doing for me and the family. You are my true sweat heart.


Ripped off