Cottage Life

It’s been a week now that I have been in Muskoka and coincidentally it’s been a week that I have been off the immunotherapy drugs.

Tomorrow I start back up on my two-week cycle, and I have to say I feel very very good. Being off the drugs for a week, alongside the reduced stress of being at the cottage with my family, eating well and getting tons of sleep have put me into a very very happy spot.

And when I say happy I don’t just mean psychologically happy, I mean physically happy as well. I haven’t had a moment in the last 6 months where I didn’t have a sore mouth or really sore joints and tonight I am rolling my tongue all over my mouth in glee.

Yup, as I type this I am feeling quite awesome. And if you are reading this, then you should probably just sit back and think about how awesome you probably should feel as well.  

I’ll wait for you.

Recognizing that you are feeling awesome yet? Good.

Since being at the cottage I have become quite adept at just ‘being’.  Being nonplussed about what is the next activity, or what is everyone else doing, or what silly thing somebody just did that has the island in a kerfuffle.

I’m just happy.

I’m hoping this helps as I go into the next phase. I also hope that the extra efforts I feel like I am putting in over the last 3 months will pay off when I get my cat scan (scheduled for August 8th btw).

And by effort I simply mean that I have mentally accepted the physical set backs and doubled down on the mental game. To be honest June and July have been a couple of the toughest slogs of the last year….not counting my last time here in Muskoka of course.

Man when I think back to last summer I cannot even imagine going through that again. That was tough. It was painful, it was isolating and it was relentless. Yuck.

I believe I am in such a better mental place to manage this adventure. Of that there is no doubt.

So as I lie here in bed with my sweetie beside me I am counting my blessings. I am a lucky man.

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