Always look on the bright side of life

I am often commended for my courage in how I am handling this challenge. I don't agree with the assessment as I don't think what I have is courage, it's more like a naive happy attitude towards life that is pushing the scary bits to the side allowing me to move forward. 

Kinda like I have happy blinders on.

That being said, I appreciate the sentiment behind their statement. I know it is well intentioned, and for some it may seem as courage from their lens. And that's cool.

I've always been this way. Never got too high when magnificent things happened, and I never got too low when crappy things happened. It's just the who I am.

In this way I'm kinda like Eric Idle in this Monty Python skit. 

I also like that Eric pushed the norms, but that is a different story.

It's a small world after all

Finding Balance