Freedom 54


Yesterday I got out of the hospital after six days. Of those six days I wasn't allowed to eat for five of them. I spent close to 24 hours in emerg, listened to the aftermath of two stabbings, had an X-Ray, a Catscan, gave blood samples six times, I was in two hospitals, had two amulance rides, had one stent replaced with a slightly larger one, ingested approximately ten IV bags, downed one bag of morphine and one dose of fentanyl for the surgery.

I lived in a three person room. One roommate was undergoing radiation on her brain and she was quite lovely, very chatty but super sweet. My first roommate switched after two days and the new roomie was having a very difficult time breathing and was as loud as one could imagine. My ear plugs were given a workout. That was a three day test of patience indeed.

I listened to a near death choking that meant a barrage of people in our room, at 4 am the patient across the hall fell out of her bed causing a lot of panic and each night I had someone in our room at least three to five times an hour. Sleep was at a premium.

Hospitals are not places for sick people.  

And I'm happy to be out. 

But I have to tell you I truly think the system is broken and if it wasn't for nurses the whole dang thing would fall apart. They deserve every accolade we can heap upon them. 

On the sixth day Tracey packed me up, took me home and reintroduced me to comfort. As I say in many of my posts I am the luckiest man in the world to have such an incredible partner in Tracey. Today I had such a tasty dinner, am comfy on the couch as I write this and am sitting beside my sweetie. It's almost as if the past six days never happened. It just keeps getting better.

I'm looking forward to celebrating my 54th on Saturday, celebrating as a free man. And celebrating with my roomie cause she's pretty cute.




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