Embarrassment of Riches

Ben Laird Photo

Ben Laird Photo

This past week has been an embarrassment of riches and, as always, I am having a difficult time trying to accept all that I continue to be given.

On Tuesday I played soccer with a bunch of lads, some that I have played with for over 20 years. I’m so lucky and honoured they continue to allow me to operate on my own schedule - they let me just show up when I am able to play. I’m like that one elite player that gets to live outside the team boundaries….except I am the worst player on the team.

On Wednesday on Dave Kelly Live I was completely surprised and emotionally overwhelmed by the actions of the show producers to have over 30 members of the Calgary Craft Beer community show up and say hello to me on stage. As it turns out I was given a giant beer pong cup and they all threw balls at me, which of course was the real honour. Then I went out with them after the show and closed the Ship and Anchor Pub around 2am. I was on such a momentum that the evening got ahead of me, and I loved it. Haven’t stayed out that late in a couple of years….ouch.

That event and subsequent evening was over and above and while it made me feel super awesome, it always makes me a bit uneasy. It feels unfair that I get so much love while there are others out there that are dealing with this all on their own. I see it when I walk the halls of the Tom Baker every week.

Something I am dealing with. An embarrassment of riches.

Then on Saturday I spent the day with 35 extraordinary gentlemen, an incredible honour to have such awesomeness assembled. Another great moment and another example of being given the opportunity to receive an inordinate amount of love.

I’m writing this post not to complain, nor am I looking to have anyone walk up to me and say I deserve it. That isn’t the point and it’s not my intention in writing this. I’m sharing that I have a hard time receiving and I’m still working on the gratitude aspect of this journey.

I believe I am full of gratitude of that there is no doubt. What I am wrestling with is the inequity of it all. I need to somehow find ways to keep the energy flowing through me and on to others that are dealing with their own journeys.

And to this point I have made a few decisions on how I can give back. The next post will outline one of the endeavours I am working on. It is one of the ways I can get the balance back - others deserve some help and I want to be able to continue to do my part.

We are all in this together. AMIRIGHT?!?

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