Side Effects

I’ve said it before and I think I’m about to say it again. It’s really not the cancer that is difficult on a day to day basis, well at least it hasn’t been for me lately, the difficulty really lies in the side effects of the chemotherapy and other attempts to push the cancer growth back.

A while ago I showed you a picture of my finger nails. There was a distinct white line where the chemo had started affecting my nails and as time went by the white line moved up and off the end of my fingers.

Last week the little buggers started cracking and hooking on everything. I tried nail polish, nail hardener, nail moisturizer, hand creams and a few more things I never thought I would put on my nails.

So I’m just accepting that my nails need a bit of time to figure themselves out. There is a little line of red below the cracks that give me hope that the end isn’t too far away.

For those that are dealing with cancer and are on chemo be aware, this may be coming to hands near you.

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