160 Pounds

For 30 years I weighed 150 lbs.  My weight fluctuated a pound either way, in essence no change for 30 years.

I now weigh 160 lbs. Dr. R is very happy.

In May I weighed 124 lbs. That was scary.

And while the weight gain is important and was a four month mission, all this new found weight is very very weird.

And news flash, I now have a belly. And I don’t like it.  I just don’t feel like I’m in great shape at all, hence all the exercise I have been doing.

And the culprit?  

Steroids. The steroids I take are contributing to the gain - and I seriously cannot stop eating as a result. I am always hungry, and even when I’m full I keep eating. It was fun at first, especially when sub 150 lbs.

But now it feels like I’m looking behind me at a finish line and I’m still going...yikes.

The other challenge the steroids bring is a sudden and increased appearance of cataracts. I’ll discuss this one in a later post. 

For now we are reducing the steroids and we’ll see how it impacts the side effects that they are helping with. A bit of a balancing act. 

Feel free to rub my belly for good luck. 




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