How’s Jim

Photo: Neil Zeller

Photo: Neil Zeller

The more I think about it, and the more I see/hear it said, the more I think we are missing a very integral part of the equation. 

When someone asks how I am, or when someone asks Tracey how I am, or when they ask my kids or a friend how I am, they are really missing a significant part of the equation. 

While I am the one with cancer I am only one part of the cancer adventure. On the journey are so many people, people that never get asked how they are., people that are arguably have just as hard, and maybe in some cases an even harder time than the person dealing with the illness.

They are dealing with their own chalenges, they are dealing with the challenges of the sick spouse, parent or friend. And they also have to deal with the void left from the deceased.

So when you happen upon a spouse, a child, a friend of someone dealing with something like terminal cancer please take a second to ask a second question ‘and how are you?’


Body Aware