Full Gratitude

Last week Tracey and were honoured to give thanks to the awesome staff at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.  We brought presents and of course some beer for everyone to enjoy the holiday season with.

It was a very simple yet important gesture on our part as we are so very thankful for all they have done for us over the last few years.

The tireless efforts they display on the behalf of people that they have under their care is absolutely incredible. From the front counter, to booking and administration to the volunteers carting around coffee, tea and cookies all the way to the medical staff that have to exist in a pressure cooker of a system; they all make me proud and comfortable.

About a month ago an Oncology Fellow met with me after Nurse Susan and before Dr. R. He was directed to me as someone that the Fellow may find as an interesting case. He told me he read my records and was expecting to see a person that was worn down and beat up from the journey. He was not only surprised when he walked in the meeting room but he was further impressed when I told him all that I was doing physically and mentally.  I’m bragging a bit here but I think in large part I am able to do so simply because the team at Tom Baker have given me the foundation and support I have needed to accomplish what I have in the last two or so years.

In that same conversation he reaffirmed my existing belief that I was in good hands with Nurse Susan and Dr. R. He had been in a few other hospitals and the reputation of both the Tom Baker and Dr. R were very strong. He let me know that my Oncologist was a leader in the industry and was willing to move quicker than others when it came to utilizing new technology, he was also very creative and compassionate in his approach. I of course have seen my team present this behaviour but it was reaffirming to hear it from an outsider within the system.

Tracey and I are full of gratitude for the Canadian medical system and more specifically the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. It is truly a world leading Cancer Centre and we are so very lucky to be able to drive there in 15 minutes...or when I’m overly ambitious, in two hours by walking.

In an upcoming post I must remember to let you know about the world leading Psychosocial Oncology system we have here in Calgary.

Truly lucky.  Truly grateful.

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