I'm Scienceing


Scienceing is most likely not a word, but it certainly seems to be what I am doing. I feel like I've become way too knowledgeable on biology, chemistry and maybe even psychology and pharmacology and it's kinda scary.

I have had to become knowledgeable on all matters as they relate to my body as the medical system is broken in to silos. Not that I blame them for being focused on their areas, there is a lot of shit to figure out just in oncology, or interventional radiology, or endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography. And nurses, don't get me going on their world, damn they get it from all sides, grumpy patients to absent knowledge holding doctors.

But when you are the sole conduit to conversations and analysis from each silo it is up to you to stick your opinion in when required.

I've had many a conversation where I have changed course of action simply by bringing different information to the table.

So if you are newly diagnosed with something make sure you are paying attention, don't just absorb dialogue and move along through the system cause maybe it gets way more complicated with way more Doctors and specialists involved and you don't want to be witness to bad decisions being made along the way for you. 

And for the record, not saying anything nefarious, or any mistakes have been made by anyone in the system yet. I'm simply saying both Tracey and I have had valuable input to guide the team along.

And yes it's a team, it's just a team of tightly wound silos.

Tough decisions

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