Jim 1. Chemo 1.


 Went in for Recliner Session number two on a drug called Temsirolimus, it's an IV chemo treatment that I am to take weekly.

This was my second session, and I had no reaction the first time so I didn't really expect anything exciting to happen this time.

I take three sets of drugs and hour before, Benadryl, Rantinidine, and a nausea pill that starts with the letter G. I take these to help prevent any reactions to the Chemo treatment, and for all intents and purposes it worked last time. 

This time however was a completely different story. After 5 minutes of receiving the drug I had an intense reaction.  

I couldn't breathe, was dizzy and seeing stars, and I couldn't move my hand six inches to press the emergency call button.

I was blacking out.

Fortunately my steadfast partner Tracey saw my face getting purple and my inability to talk so she rang the buzzer and called for the nurses. I was a bit discombobulated but I kinda remember four or five nurses at my side in seconds. They turned off the chemo immediately, one nurse put Benadryl into my IV, another asked me questions and hooking me up to oxygen, while one took my vital signs and the two quarterbacks were writing stuff down and giving direction.

Eventually the drugs kicked in.

And I was back!

Perhaps a little too much excitement for Tracey.


My apologies.


The Oncologist was called and said to give 15 minute saline flush, some Xantac, another 15 saline flush and then back at the Chemo. 

The second attempt went much smoother but the Benadryl and maybe Xantac certainly made me groggy. Guess they put a very fast does of Benadryl into the system - it works but dang was I groggy.

Am writing this while I am on a half hour patient watch to make sure I'm ok and I expect to be out of here in 15 minutes, as long as I'm a good boy.

I gotta tell you these nurses sure know how to take care of you - from warm blankets to saving your life.

I love nurses. 

And I love that I got my second batch of Temsirolimus in me...even though it was a ten coupon ride.

Thanks for being my emergency Button pusher Tracey...yet another case where your years of Button pushing has paid off! 

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