Are you sure??


I haven't had a hospital incident in at least a month. Well at least no emergency visits, I did however have one scary chemo reaction where I was pretty much rendered useless and if not for the speed of Tracey, well let's just say this blog may have come to an untimely end.

But other than that experience I have been feeling really good as of late. 

And when I have energy, minimal pain, and freedom from an IV pole I tend to go a bit manic. Well maybe not manic all the time but certainly highly motivated to do stuff while I have the chance.

So I've been trying to walk minimum of 5km per day, I've kayaked twice, I'm out at events or theatre, I have been to Hump Day Social at Village, we've had dinner guests and have been to our fair share of dinner parties,  golfed twice, two photo shoots, I even got to experience various labs and parties for Best of Calgary, a project I am a cofounder of. All the while still having my weekly lab work, Oncologist meeting, a blood transfusion and have of course continued my weekly chemo session.

I'm having fun being a bit more engaged.

Many people have said to me that perhaps I am doing too much and I should slow down. I hear things like 'hey Mr Do It All' or 'Mr Busy Boday' or sentences like 'Are you sure it's healthy to be as active as you are?' or 'In your condition should you be kayaking?'

I really appreciate the sentiment behind the request but I always respond with the fact I haven't had this opportunity for months and that I am really enjoying each and every day as much as I can tolerate. Actually, it's not even how much I can tolerate, it's more like how much can I fit in while still having the occasional nap to keep the energy up.

In reality we should all be living more each day. We spend way too much time working and not enough time is spent prioritizing playtime. I know this and can preach this having been an 80+ hour a week guy for the last eight years while building Evans Hunt and Village Brewery, as well as Circle and Best of Calgary and not to mention the many other civic activities. I loved them all and really didn't consider it work at the time. But in hindsight maybe I could have fit in more playtime. Maybe.

The one area where I now am going to spend more time is with my family. I have a habit of filling my day with so much I sometimes forget the real reason I am working so hard to stay alive is because of Tracey, Jack and Amanda and the rest of my extended family. This doesn't take away from my friends, it's just a prioritization exercise.

This week we made a list of activities we are aiming for this summer. (In order that it was given whist sitting at a family dinner). We also make a family work list but no value sharing that one.

Head smashed in Buffalo Jump

Ghostlake and McKay's ice cream

Heritage park - cycle/picnic

Calgary Zoo pandas

Calaway park

Kayak down down bow

Calgary stampede

Dura creek

Legacy trail bike ride

Watertown Ntnl park

See Dead pool


Visit Mandy's Lake

Ping pong table for beer pong

Fire pit night

Long table night


Mini golf

Emerald Lake Lodge


Jasper Park Lodge

Montana to visit Zahra

I hope we get through many of them, but if we don't it also won't matter because in reality just being with each other is the true prize. 

And yes, I will have my daily nap Mom. 


Junior Bender

It Takes A Village