16 Push Ups

I lost almost 25 pounds from my recent adventures boomeranging in and out of the hospital - and I truly didn't have a lot to lose as I was just over 150 pounds to start with.

I recently looked at a picture from a month ago and I was seriously shocked at how skinny I was. It seems like most of the weight was taken from muscle as I didn't have a lot of fat to play with The part that really freaked me out was that I now had the arms of a 90 year old man. My chest and shoulders are also skinny, and I was recently made fun of for my legs so I'm guessing they are pretty much chicken legged.

But have no fear - I'm on the case and have gained back about 16 of those pounds in almost a month. As Dr. R said "there is no such thing as a bad calorie for you so eat anything you can tolerate." For the first while I was kinda manic about trying to eat as much and as often as I could. It was getting quite silly actually.  Cakes, cookies, chicken breasts, eggs, pies, salads, fruit, chocolate and so many more things were quite unsafe when I was walking by. Dr. R even added alcohol back in to the mix as the weight problem was more acute than the issues caused by the booze. The sad thing is that wine tastes terrible...fortunately there is always beer and rum and cokes.

And while foods still don't taste 100% I've gotten used to the flavour and often use oils or sweets to dull or cut the 'off' flavour notes. Eat at all cost.

Fun Fact: Pretty much every woman said "oh I wish I had your challenge!". And about 80% of them caught themselves and back peddle once they realize what they have said. Kinda fun watching when you know it's coming.

As part of my weight gain I have decided it's not only my intake that counts, I have to get more exercise.  As I mentioned I've been trying to walk 5km a day but my sense is that isn't helping with the weight gain, instead it's keeping me lean and mean. So I decided that I need to start strengthening my muscles, and fast as I don't want to be that skinny fat guy!


I thought I would start with push ups and on the first day I got into position and got ready to do what I have done a thousand times before.

Yikes and holy FUCK! 

I could only do three (3) push ups. 



It seems like it was only a year ago that I was doing 50 push ups daily. Ok maybe not daily as in every day, but certainly almost daily bordering on weekly’ish. The point is I could do 50 push ups...and all at once.


But again, where there is a will there is a way. And sometimes that means simply accepting three push ups as your starting point.

It took me a while to get past three but I did it. And I am trying to do an extra push up each day so I can get back up to 50 before the summer is over.

Well, today I got up to 16. And I know that doesn't seem like a lot but trust me...it was.

Tomorrow I have to get to 17....and it's Stampede time so maybe I'll wear some tight short sleeved shirts to impress the throngs!!

Compliments on the guns always welcome! 

I'm weird.

RIP Riggsy et al.