Freedom 55


Just turned 55. And it was a number to celebrate. Actually, any new number is worthy of a celebration isn’t it.

And 55 is a cool looking number. Tracey calls it my double nickle birthday. I like that.

I remember thinking, when I was young, that 55 was so old. Often I feel old, but more often than not I still feel like a free spirited teenager, and that is what helps me keep going.

A couple of months ago Tracey and I were both dealing with a few physical issues. When we were in the midst of a long hug Tracey said ‘we’re getting old sweetie’, it was in reference to our ailments and in most cases would be a simple sentence that would slip by with humour. But my response was quick and it was important, I said ‘YES, yes we are, isn’t getting old great!’.

Tracey and I both knew the value of that intention.

Happy 55 to me.

And to you, many more years of getting old, looking old, feeling old and if you are really lucky you can be a grumpy old man yelling at kids for being on his pristine lawn, or an old woman making sure everyone is wearing a jacket, a hat and gloves even in the summer.

And if you are really lucky you can grow old with someone as special as Tracey.

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