Time Out


It’s happened time and time again. I get all excited about an event, a trip, a visit or a weekend adventure and no matter how conscious I am of taking it easy it seems I have a very poor guv’nor.

I’m guessing my under developed frontal cortex is rearing its ugly head. I’m still a goddam kid.

Got results today, my lipase is at 88 which is high but not alarming. We don’t think the pancreas is under fire, instead we think I did too much physically and ate poorly, actually I think it’s the poor food and lack of a good sleep more than anything else. And now I’m paying for it.

For the next while I am couch bound. Kinda like being sent to your room for being bad.

My 55th birthday resolution is to be better focused on my health and pay better attention to my body. So if I cancel on you, or don’t accept an offer please don’t be offended, it’s me, not you.

I’m in timeout.


Going Nowhere