These past two weeks have been very trying on my body and my mind. I’m not sure if I feel this lousy because I’m recuperating from a traumatic week in the hospital or if it’s the double dose of Immunotherapy kicking my ass. Could, and probably is, a combination of both.

Either way I’m having a real challenge. I have a new found cough, abdominal pains in multiple spots (last night they were super sharp and hard to ignore), back pain, joint pain, itchy skin, butt rash and a fatigue like I’ve never experienced in my life. The kind of fatigue that has you wanting to curl up in a ball and lay there forever. It’s not a depression kind of scene but I can see how you could get there without proper management. 

This is where the head game really kicks in. 

And the way I am approaching it is kinda counter intuitive to my normal plan. 

I’m going in to a hibernation phase for the next while. I find social interaction to be a bit draining and I need to save my energy for the next three doses of IPI/NIVO.  

For those that know me this is a bit of a left turn as I always get energized by people and ideas. This is not a permanent path but will be one I stay on till I find the energy to do otherwise.

I am going to work hard to get a daily walk, eat properly and keep my mind active. I’ve pulled myself off of a few volunteer projects but am still taking the occasional call. I think this will be enough to keep me from going to a dark place. Do not worry, all is good!

As an example of how seriously I am focusing inwards here are a few examples of projects I am not attending. 

Tracey and I had a great weekend booked in Jasper as I was going to be a guest speaker at the Jasper Beer Festival. Such a lovely place and it would have been good for both of us but alas too draining. Instead I am going to FaceTime my presentation. This is the opening slide, it kinda makes me laugh. 


The next project is much closer to my heart as it’s an idea that came from a conversation two years ago with Matt Mosteller. From there Felicia, Kara, Dena and Nancy joined the cause. We now have 22 experts from Early Childhood Development, Addiction, Technology, Change Behaviour, Nutrition, Sorytellers, a Musician and a Mindfulness expert to name but a few. They will be joining outdoor professionals and adventurers up in Assiniboine Lodge next weekend to see what we need to do to start a movement around a better balance between technology, people and nature. As a father of a 19 and 17 year old I have seen first hand the impact addiction to technology can bring. I see it at Evans Hunt where we create the online experience, I see it at festivals and other gathering moments, I see it at restaurants and in meetings. It is pervasive and a better balance needs to be found. We respect and realize technology is good for society we just think it may be overtaking interactivity between each other and Mother Nature. 

Sadly neither Tracey and I will be attending this most peaceful and serene place, but I still fully believe in the movement so I will be providing a video to kick things off. 

I probably went in to more detail than necessary but I wanted to give you a sense of how seriously I am tackling this phase. I apologize in advance to those that send lovely invitations for coffee, walks, ideation sessions etc, but I’m closing the Magical Unicorn shop for the next while. 

It’s hibernation time! 

A Fine Balance

Ode to Tracey