Mission Accomplished


Yesterday was a significant milestone for Tracey and me. I finally did my fourth and final IPI/NIVO treatment and I have to tell you when Dr. R said it was going to be arduous he wasn’t kidding. And to be honest I don’t think he figured my journey was going to be as crazy as it ultimately was. 

But then again, he and Nurse S. have always said I was one of their most interesting and challenging cases in 30 years (he says with great pride - boom nailed it again) .

When I started this treatment 9 weeks ago I didn’t foresee two surgeries, cholangitis, anaphylactic type reaction to antibiotics, sustained blood pressure drop, and a fatigue and drowsiness that I have never ever felt in my life. Not even the Jamaican hangover of 84’ couldn’t compare to this fatigue. Actually neither could the San Francisco hangover from Jil and Ryan’s wedding. Those were both massive fatigue inducing moments, but at least they disappeared after a day or so, this fatigue has stayed with me since I started the treatment.  

So when I was picked up by Obi Wan Chemobi and my niece Jil, now aptly crowned Chembutts, and took off for the Tom Baker I had a real sense of accomplishment. 

I did it. And I beat the stats of people that are not able to complete this double dose of Immunotherapy.

The day was sunny and warm, the walk up the hill was challenging but thrilling and the visit with the awesome nurses was awesome as always.  And having Obi Wan Chemobi and Chembutts there to giggle with was priceless.

Also got to eat the final Xmas present given to me by Chemosabe. A thoughtful moment indeed. 


After the mission was accomplished we went back home and Mamma Chemo had a beautiful spread of ingredients chopped up and ready for us to make home made pizzas. The icing on the cake was that my Brother Pat was in town from Waterloo and able to participate in the celebration. 

It was a good day all around and another step towards putting the troublesome pancreatic tumour in the corner. 

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