Surgery Success.


Yesterday Tracey answered the phone at around 10:30 am and it was the PLC GI team calling to see if we could head up right away for surgery. We had been warned that we were going in but this moved things up quickly. Fortunately knowing this possibility I didn’t eat after midnight and only had sips of water to help with pill swallowing.

I was ready. 

And I liked that it was moving fast as the pain was really high and I appreciated having less time to think about the procedure. And as I said in the last post I rarely over think these things as they are out of my control so no need fretting.

So I didn’t think about the possibility that they were not going to be able to reach the stent and that the long time discussed concern that the tumour growth would yet again block access. I was also avoiding thinking about how hard it was going to be to replace that stent and maintain my pancreatic function. I was also keenly aware not to put any thought into the fact these pancreatic stents only last on average 6-8 weeks so the 11 month old stent was probably not in the best of shape. And naturally while I wasn’t thinking about those scenarios I certainly wasn’t thinking about the bleeding and additional inflammation that my pancreas was going to serve up as a result of Inspector Gadget. Cause if I thought of that well then I’d have to accept ongoing pain, and who purposely puts that thought out there.

And ya I didn’t think of all the other fun things like drugs n’ tubes and self administered rectal insertions of white bullets. Oh yes, daddy gets a magic white bullet. Ummm, the bullet is to reduce inflammation of the pancreas due to surgery, it’s actually not like one of those fun distractions nurses do before a stressful scenario. 

So instead of thinking I instead played GamePenguin games on my phone against other 50 year old men. If you like playing games and are on an iPhone feel free to challenge me anytime, it’s my new athletic output. 


Once the operating table and team were ready I was taken to the operating table. I brought my A game and bam, as usual I time travelled while they took Inspector Gadget to the pancreas.

And it was messy. 

But after ongoing attempts they were finally able to get to the old weathered stent and remove it.

Unfortunately getting a fresh replacement stent put back in its place was not as successful.

The tumour conceded the first but won the second round. At the end of the day it was 1-1 - kinda like my game with Terry at that point.

So now we wait and see how well the pancreas manages without the stent. Dr M. did mention that as a result of the stent being in there for so long that the channel seemed a bit wider, which is good news. 

This morning Tracey asked how my brain was. I of course started with some humour about a sore throat and jaw but that fell flat. 

It’s a good question, and almost ‘the’ question right now as this is where all the energy is being focused. And yesterdays results feel very 50/50. 

It’s great that as I write this I’m in less pain, not free from it, but surgery was less than 24 hours ago so I need to be patient.

It’s awesome that I went into emergency two days ago and didn’t have an infection or challenges in the bile duct. Oh and it was amazing to sneak in some Superjocks bowling the night before emerg, my timing rocks! 

But what remains is a big question regarding my pal the pancreas. I hope it feels strong enough to weather the next seven weeks and gives us enough time to really test this IPI/NIVO treatment.  

I will be putting my phone down after I post this and have a serious meditative chat with the team and make sure we’re all on the same page as we sit here at these crossroads. 

And as always Avnish and his well timed energy just sent me this image. This buffalo is going to lead the way for the next journey. 


Permission to Die

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