Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

It’s truly a test of my ability to stay positive isn’t it. It seems every week I have a new doctor and a new adventure. Today I got the results of the skin biopsy back. Mostly good news.

The biopsy close to my hairline is a simple Keratosis; basically sunspots.

The biopsy of my temple came back as non-melanoma skin cancer. They are squamous cells in situ or stage zero. I asked Dr. D to draw me a diagram cause it’s all quite complicated and when you hear cancer and melanoma you kinda think ‘oh oh, here we go again'.

Essentially in situ means it’s resting in the epidermis, but the dermatologist suspects it’s invasive and has gone into the dermis. The next step is to see a surgeon and start taking a knife to it, looking at it under a microscope and keep cutting till they figure they have all of it cut out of my temple. This procedure is called Mohs Surgery and I’m being referred as we speak.

Oh Moh, here we go again, more Dr’s appointments.


Pain Understood

Gratitude Recognized