Get Busy Dying

It’s very important to me that when I pass that we have as much of the house in order as possible. The way I see it this will be a stressful time for Tracey and the kids so the less they need to worry about the better.

Three years ago we redid our wills and all the estate documents, we’ve had multiple meetings with our accountant, lawyers, investment advisor and financial planner. All our affairs are in order, all our utilities, internet, mortgage, car etc now are attached to Tracey.

Every phone, app, service like Netflix is attached to Tracey’s email where they used to be mine. All the apps that I signed up for but rarely used are gone, and for the others the email verification is now directed to Tracey. My online footprint has become smaller and now easier to clean up as she has the keys.

Last week we met with MAID (Medical assistance in dying) and a palliative care consultant. They both came to our home and we now have a pretty good idea what services they offer and what and an end of life plan may look like if we so choose.

Not sure what other scenarios I need to look at but I’m feeling pretty good that everything is prepared for that day.

Aaaaand every time I talk to someone about these conversations I watch them squirm, and inevitably they say something like ‘but of course this is for way down the road right?’

And it is.

This is one of those conversations that I’ve noticed causes the most discomfort, and it’s largely due to a concern that I am preparing for death and therefor resigning myself to kicking the bucket soon. Or that I’m giving up and they don’t like that cause I’m supposed to beat this and outlive everyone.

Regardless of my timeline I’m never giving up, when the time comes the time will come. I’m still the tenacious curly haired guy even though the curls are gone. I’m still living large each and every day and loving all the beautiful moments with family and friends. I still live a life of purpose.

I’m not going anywhere soon and you need to know that by cleaning up the future and being prepared actually frees the mind to be present and enjoy the moment.

Knowing that when the inevitable day shows up that there is a group of individuals that kick in to action and take care of as much as possible for Tracey and the family gives me a significant amount of comfort.

Hell, I think I’m more organized in death than I ever was in life. And that’s damn fine comedy indeed.

And trust me there has been mucho comedy and adventure, as you can see from some random photos below.

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