Jimmy Cyborg


I’m typing this on my phone with one eye covered in cyborg plastic. I feel a bit futuristic right now actually.

Had cataract surgery today on my right eye. Cataracts first appeared on the scene in March and due to various drugs, including steroids, had progressed rapidly to the point where I needed surgery.

I was keen to see so I progressed to this point but the complications of my pancreas made for some ill timed side effects today.

For cataract surgery you have to fast for the night and morning, unfortunately for the pancreas you have to eat and drink. To reduce inflammation in my pancreas I take a high dose of steroids, but when you take the steroid it has to be on a full stomach. When you take this steroid it really ramps up your system and you are wired - maybe not perfect for delicate surgery. And when you are in the waiting room and stand up with a low blood sugar and low blood pressure shit has a way of going sideways.

And it did.

With drama, and I might add flair.

But Tracey did what she always does and lept into action and saved the day. We got me to a good spot and voila I’m sitting on the couch with a new lens in my eye!

But really, does it always need to be complicated? I guess there are so many moving parts these days that it’s the reality. I’m complex. The situation is complex.

But I’m new to this cyborg world so maybe this is next level and Jimmy 2.0 just needs ongoing system updates.

Either way, Tracey is dialed in each time and collects lots of bonus points!

She’s my Sarah Conner.

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