Oozy Tumour

We have a date booked for the Oozy Tumour. As I write this again it feels like I’m back in my event producer days and I’m announcing a concert date with Oozy Tumour.


Get tickets now folks, Oozy Tumour is only here one day and is sure to be a sell out show!!

July 16th at 8:00 am at the Foothills Medical Centre, Interventional Radiology Department. The show is a two hour surgery followed by four hours with zero movement. Thats right Calgary, a six hour show not to be missed!!

Hopefully everything goes as planned and the tour wraps up on my couch.

And even more ambitious is my desire to be on a plane two days later as I’ve gone and organized a lads weekend up in Beaver Valley Ontario from the 19th - 21st. Oozy Tumour tour will hopefully have been completed by then and the ‘Going Nowhere’ tour can begin.

Lining up two back to back tours is always challenging and fraught with complications - but I’m up for the adventure.

Fingers crossed.


Just got this note from the Oncology office. Dang, Tour is postponed- I’m just like Mick Jagger!

I have spoken to the IR DI department who advises that no air travel for 1 week post procedure to ensure all heals properly (as per the specialist).  That would make it July 23rd at the earliest.

Ward 47

Bulls. Balls. Beer.