Mountain Gathering

Ever since I was young I have been keen to organize the gathering my friends. For 40 years I have assembled hundreds of moments, each one unique in its location or theme, but each one filling the same part of my soul. That part that derives complete happiness when I witness the joy that comes from bringing awesome people together.

And I keep doing it. And keep loving it.

But somehow in the last couple of years these gatherings have taken on a special meaning. For a while there they were my way to ensure I was able to connect with as many friends as possible as I thought time was running out.

Then time kept running.

And now I find that these beautiful gatherings serve as a goal post for me. These weekends become a big part of my future plans and I work hard to make it to each one. Sometimes when I’m really in a state these events are the one thing that keeps me moving forward.

Heck there have been a couple of events that I organized that I truly wasn’t sure I’d make it to. And when I’ve done the event my emotions are a mixture of pride, gratitude and joy.

And my belly is always full from the laughter. There is always so much laughter at each one of these gatherings!

This weekend was our annual Sundance Lodge Family Social - 10 families, each responsible to come up with a fun theme including a drink, food item, decorate the site and wear costumes. We’ve been doing this for 11 years. The weekend always culminates in the lighting of Burning Face.

I smiled and or laughed all weekend. And I found myself just watching the frivolity thinking how incredibly lucky I was to have so many awesome and interesting people in my life. And not to sounds dramatic but with all the fun going on there were a couple of hours that I didn’t have any pain, wasn’t thinking about the stuff I was dealing with and put cancer in the background.

I was just there in the comedic moment living large.

And then I’d think about next year. And that made me smile a different smile - I had another goalpost.