Was going to write a blog about loss of memory. But can’t remember what I was going to say.

Thank goodness I don’t need to control things otherwise this memory issue would be quite frustrating.

Loss of memory is coming from the surgeries, procedures, chemotherapy and well, being 55 years old.

And it’s not isolated examples, it happens 20+ times a day. Including the most obvious and simple things like names of close ones, or taking a pill at 11:30 and then wondering at 11:40 if I imagined taking the pill or not?

But it’s what I have so no sense getting too upset, instead I’m making systems, at least for the pills and other tasks. And I’m laughing at my 98 year old man brain.

Expect more complaining about the government, people on my lawn and kids these days.

Oh and of all things I miss, it’s my mind that I miss the most.

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