Voice Lessons


For the last 6-8 weeks my voice has been disappearing. At points I can barely get a whisper out.

It doesn’t really hurt per se but it is very irritating and makes it even more difficult to be social.

And to top it off I am supposed to be speaking at Beakerhead on September 17th so I would like to get this dealt with by then.

The problem started prior to the embolization surgery and we’ve been treating it with medication as though it was an infection in my esophagus. But it’s not helping.

So today I am going in for an upper GI Endoscopy. Reminder an endoscopy is the procedure with the tube being inserted down the throat using Inspector Gadget like tools, including a camera to see what’s the what.


I’m glad we are doing this as it’s forward movement and will eliminate a bunch of speculation. Always good to have a look under the hood and see for yourself.

If we don’t find anything then it’s possible this may be a side effect of the chemo…although I’m skeptical as this was taking place prior to chemo.

But who knows?

I’ll tell you who may know - the Endo knows.



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