Getting comfortable.

I love shoes. I never really knew I loved them till Tracey made note of it a while ago when she was looking at my shoe stack (never got around to a shoe rack, so I stack instead).

I tell you this not because I am revealing a deep dark secret, instead I tell you this because it seems this cancer thing has my head in a bit of a spin. I consider myself positive, and I certainly know I am looking at this adventure as though I am going to beat it and be around for a long time. Long enough to be called Pops.

But the weirdest thing happens when I grab a pair of shoes. Sometimes I start thinking about whether I will buy another pair of shoes, or sometimes I think about using a pair of shoes that I normally would save them for a special occasion. These thoughts kinda piss me off because I'm supposed to be positive and not have these thoughts.

But these thoughts sneak in like slippers. 

I'm sure I'll figure it out, but like a new pair of shoes it's going to take some time to get comfortable.

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