The Bucket List

Funny, I've never watched the Bucket List till today. Even more interesting is that I wasn't watching it for the reasons you are thinking. It was recommended to me by my very smart new friend NetFlix. So I smiled at the irony and clicked play.

The movie is kinda funny in the way that it makes you smile.  But this scene hit me hard. Especially the line at 3:33 in to this clip. 

This scene hit me hard because I need to somehow put myself first during this process, and that is sometimes hard to do. Especially when I can see how hard this is affecting those that are closest to me. An interesting conundrum don't you think?

Oh and if you are wondering, I already have a bucket list, put it together with my brother Pat...I think I'm doing pretty well with it so far. That being said, I think I need to check in with Pat, he's got the list. Stand by...

Getting comfortable.

A little gentle advice