The Superjocks

For 25 years I have organized a league affectionally called Superjocks. I have assembled 90 people every winter to play a different sport every Tuesday night for 14 weeks. The sports are fun, the beers afterwards are great, but the people, well, the people are the best. 

On the final night of sports I told all the lads about the return of my cancer. It was a tough thing to do, and to be honest I kinda choked when I told them. I choked up because it was the first time telling people about my new adventure.

Of course they were supportive and as guys they did what guys do...the game went on and we all went about the business of play and ignoring the new story. I was more comfortable with that.

On the final night we did exactly what we always do, drank beers, enjoyed pizza, and of course we enjoyed John's famous brownies. Then when the awards were being handed out this group of beautiful people brought out a big cake and presented me with a lovely gift of travel to celebrate the 25 years. But really, we all knew that this retirement party was different.

Of course, I choked up. This time it was an overwhelming feeling of love. With a side of brownie. 

Thanks guys n gals. You are super.

A surreal meeting.

Just call me Pops