Just call me Pops


It’s funny, not long ago I started telling my teenagers that when they have kids, I want them to call me Pops. When I told Tracey, she said hadn't found her Grandparent Spirit Guide name and wasn't ready yet. And that is just fine. But I knew mine.

Pops. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Anyway, we told the kids that I had picked out my grandparent name and they were like: ‘What are you talking about? We’re not ready to have kids yet.” And well, that’s true. They’re only 14 and 17.

When we got the news that the rat bastard was back, Tracey looked at me earnestly and said: “But you can’t go. You’ve already picked out your grandfather name.”

 And to be honest, that’s what I’m really fighting for. To be called Pops. 

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