White Buffalo Karma

I believe in Karma. 

And this may not be the proper use of Karma, but when I see someone being mean to a cashier then see their bag split in the parking lot, then I know my pal Karma is hard at work. Again, I know this is not the theory behind Karma but it happened and I smiled and maybe my Karmic bank was slightly depleted. Maybe not.

If you are a good person good things happen to you. Equally true is the reverse...don't be the reverse.

At our June Hump Day Social I was able to completely and wholeheartedly see the future of one of the newest local breweries, and in my mind they are going to be a big success. Not because of their beer, their marketing, their distribution or their strategic business plans. It's because they have soul, or at least I can tell you that Dan Allard has a big kind soul, and I am pretty sure his partners are guilty by association.

As the event was tailing off, Dan walked up to me and told me that his Metis name was "White Buffalo", most likely as a result of his long blonde hair. He then gave me a $100 Canadian Fine Silver coin that he usually carries with him, and asked me to hold on to it till I was healthy again. 

It took me a few days to digest the beautiful gesture, and I carried the coin with me for two weeks before I started panicking that I was going to lose it. Now it sits on my beside table and I hold it before going to bed. Taking all the positive Karma to sleep with me.

Pay attention folks - Cold Garden Beverage Company has good Karma. And dogma (as you can see by the below photo).

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