Band of Brothers

Dave, Jim, Pat, Kyle (Nephew), Hal and Dad in the front.


There are four boys in our family. Four very different boys, but all with Button traits. And the trait I admire the most is their sense of family value. I wish I could say athletic ability, but only one of us was blessed.

For the last 30 years we have worked hard to get together for our annual Button Brothers Golf tournament. While I am the one that was blessed with athletic ability, I'm pretty sure I am at the bottom of the pole when it comes to getting my name on the trophy (trophy made by our Dad).

This year we were supposed to head to Ottawa but I was unable to fly out. Instead, these great brothers flew out and had a two day golf tournament here in Calgary. Springbank Links and my personal favourite - Sirroco. Unfortunately Hal was injured so he couldn't play, instead he was Dad's chauffeur and Kyle played in his stead.

I'm not sure who won the tournament this time. Didn't matter. I was golfing with the boys.

But next year I'm going to get my name on the trophy though...just sayin'.

White Buffalo Karma

My Dad vs your Dad