Holiday stress

Man o man o man, is this some sort of test?  

Today is the day I'm heading out to Muskoka to decompress and focus on getting better. Part of the process is to reduce my stress level, but I think someone forgot to tell the Government, Mother Nature and my poor Dad. 

Not that it's all about me but crap, here I am writing this blog while waiting for my plane to Nirvana and all I'm doing is thinking about all that is going sideways. And for some reason mind is racing and my hands are shaking.

  • My Dad just got out of the hospital and is home alone, but for some reason his legs are not cooperating and he's moving around the house on his bum. 
  • LCBO just raised the mark up on our beer 1,200%.  gotta figure out what that means, and fast.
  • And as I walked out of the house, literally going to turn on the alarm I step in a puddle of water. Seems with all this rain the roof has a leak. 

So it seems I am sitting here staring at the plane and find myself at a crossroads and am slightly stressed. Do I stay in Calgary, do I fly to Ottawa? What do I do?

Screw it. It will all work out. Pat and Dave are heading to help Dad, my lovely neighbour is heading over to have a look and the team at Village will figure it out.

As soon as I get on this plane I am going to put on my headphones and trust that the world provides and all will be good. 

And Dad I'm going to be in Ontario soon... 

Stressfull unstressing

Professional Hugger