Stressfull unstressing

After four days of being in Muskoka I am just starting to feel like myself.

And it's about time.

The stress of getting to a de-stressed state was significant this time. Not only did I have to make sure projects at both Evans Hunt and Village Brewery were taken care of, I needed to do the usual work of getting the house responsibilities taken care of and I needed to get my medical responsibilities lined up.

The last three days have been tough on me, I've done very little other than eat, sleep, a bit of activity, eat then sleep. 

And I know everyone out there is saying that's what I'm supposed to do! But it's not that easy - especially when you want to do nothing more than throw up in-between the eating and sleeping.

Phew got that negative vibe off of my chest and am already feeling better.

This is my reminder that I have great neighbours, teammates at both companies and my family is rallying around Dad - there is nothing for me to do other than focus on my health. I'm going to do some inhaling and exhaling in a meditative manner now. 

I'm at the cottage and I need to remember that life is pretty darn good for Jim.

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