16 days

I guess you can tell when I go back on to the drugs, there tends to be a bit of a gap between posts. I have lots to say and many posts I want to put on paper but it just seems I lose some motivation along the way. 

I am better when busy, I have come to that realization. While it causes others stress I know that it's who I am so I figure as long as I balance busy with resty I'll be just fine.

So. Today was the worst day in a really long time. Feeling pretty crappy and realized if I don't punch through the haze I can easily find myself back in that crappy place again, so this simple little post is being used to warm me back up to the idea of writing again.

Oh, and I have a new look now. Call me Sexy Santa, Old Man or JarHead. Up to you.

I'm not Maud

1-2-3 Tom