I'm not Maud

Tracey and I went out to the Opening Gala for the Calgary International Film Festival last night. It's part of the distraction strategy of being surrounded by people and keeping busy.

The film we saw was absolutely brilliant. It was called Maudie and was the story of Canadian artist Maud Lewis. This film was one of the best I've seen in years and was very poignant in that she once again reminded me that life is pretty simple. All she asked for was a paintbrush, a window and the occasional bird to fly by the window.

I'm not sure there was a dry eye in the audience, and when she passed away her final words were "I was loved". That's all she ever wanted and she realized it.

She considered herself lucky.

As do I.

Now I'm not gonna lie. This film cut to the bone and while it was one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever seen on film, it sure was tough to watch given our present situation. So tough that Tracey and I left prior to lights coming on as we didn't feel like participating in small talk.

So when you watch the film, and I recommend you do, please make sure to absorb the small little life lessons.

Oh, and just because we were overly sensitive to the story does not mean I'm putting myself in the role of Maud Lewis.  Maud was way cool and is now my newest hero.

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