A mouth like Mr. T

I am having a flashback.

When I was a bit more raucous, and stayed out late carousing I would sometimes do stupid things. Many of you have participated, watched, been victims of it, or just laughed at these moments.

I'm not going to describe one of those adventures at this point, this is not the forum for that disclosure.

Instead I am going to tell you one of my silliest memories of a University drinking binge. I had been drinking way too much for way too long and was starving so I sat down to a box of Mr. T. cereal that I had been dying to try. In itself this event is not of any great humour, nor was it wild, or troublesome. It was just me chewing down bowl upon bowl of cereal. Pretty tame actually when I describe it now.

But that morning when I woke up, it was like Mr. T. and I had gone toe to toe in a fist fight, a fight where the only place you could punch the other guy was in the mouth or throat. My mouth was cut up and extremely sore. My tongue was swollen, my gums were swollen, the sides of my mouth were all cut up and I had blood stains on my pillow. That damn cereal beat the shit out of my face. 

Mr. T. pitied me the fool. 

I had that flashback cause today my face feels the same way.

Thankfully it's my last day of this session and tomorrow my mouth will start healing over.

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